Operations Optimisation

We have a wealth of experience in operational process improvements across a number of industry sectors. This allows us to get straight to the heart of our clients’ business issues. We know where to look, why difficult situations arise, and how to implement practical and durable business improvements. We are very much outcome focused. Our key principle is to quickly and effectively analyse our clients’ business processes, and to implement improvements with the minimum of cost or disruption.
We like to take a holistic approach to operations optimisation. We would typically analyse client operations through 4 frames of reference:
We would typically map out the process, then critically analyse it in a workshop with our client, looking for inefficiencies, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Using our depth of experience, we prompt your staff to question established processes, and work with us collaboratively to identify process improvements. Organisation Structure:
Is the organizational hierarchy, decision making and governance structure appropriate to the process? In many cases an inappropriate structure may complicate or delay the decision making process, or place undue pressure on certain roles within the operation.
At Lodestone we recognize the essential role that staff play in any organisation. During the course of any operations analysis, we pay particular attention to staff skill levels, motivation and general culture within the operation.
Lodestone specializes in technology-enabled business improvements. We have vast experience in the analysis, design and implementation of information technology systems.
  • To expedite our analysis we use a number of standard products as well as some of our own proprietary tools:
  • ChangeReady