Strategic Options Analysis

One of our core competencies is in conducting options analyses for clients. In almost all cases clients are faced with several options to address a particular issue or improvement opportunity. We work with client to identity and assess each of the options, in order to come to a decision as to the optimal path forward.
To start off, we conduct a holistic analysis, looking at process, structure, people and technology issues. We believe that our ability to do this sets us apart from our competitors. Often we are called in for an “IT issue” only to find that the real problem lies in inadequate training or poor processes, not technology. Once we confirm the exact nature of the issue or opportunity, we conduct a multi-faceted options analysis, which takes into account:
  • Strategic business objectives
  • IT strategic considerations
  • Functional fit of alternatives
  • Whole of life cycle costs
  • Implementation risks
  • Ongoing support considerations

To expedite our analysis we use a number of standard products as well as some of our own proprietary tools: 
* AppGap
* ValueCalculator