Background to COP

The impacts on management and business are HUGE and INSIDIOUS: IT Project failure rates in particular are extremely high. In our view unacceptably high!!

$Millions written off every year.

  • Stress on everyone.
  • Distraction from normal activities.
  • Reduced customer focus.
  • Negative impact on morale.
COP WILL TURN THE SITUATION AROUND Management are EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with the recurring issues with projects. We sat in dozens of Steering Committees and realised that management were not asking the right questions and were not being provided with the information they really needed to know. So we developed COP, which pinpoints the key areas of failure and gives you the right questions to ask. You don’t have the time to get involved in all aspects of the project, so we focus only on the areas that are critically important to you as business executives.
COP is easy to use and will:
  • Reduce the time you spend on IT projects
  • Reduce your stress and
  • Increase the success of your IT projects.
COP is a concise and potent guide to project success. It is different to other project management methodologies. We summarise the key controls you really need to know, and then tell you what really happens in the real world and what to look out for. Other “best practice” project management material will set out a standard governance framework for IT projects. We go several steps beyond that:
  1. COP explains the underlying dynamics and root causes of project success or failure, so you will intuitively know where to look for problem areas
  2. COP points out the key control points for you. These are focused, research based key controls. We direct you only to important areas that are serial offenders.
  3. We train you in the COP methodology in 2 hours whereas project training sessions take a week or more.
  4. Within each key control area / pain point, we give you specific insights and questions to ask. Common methodologies will advise that you need to sign off on the Business Case. We tell you what should be in the business case, and what specific areas to scrutinise.
  5. We provide you with support tools including a mobile phone app, and samples and templates

1. We did a comprehensive analysis of success and failure in over 100 projects of all shapes and sizes and industry sectors

2. We identified the top 10 areas of failure – the things that really hurt you if they are not done right

3. We overlaid this with our expert consulting background in Business Management, IT Management, Project Management and as IT vendors/consultants

4. To come up with a focused set of tools covering the 10 areas of failure, in a format and style easy for Business Managers