COP Products

The COP Pack is comprised of a number of products to support you:
Presentation / Workshop
The methodology kicks off with and entertaining and interactive 2 hour presentation of the core concepts. This is an interactive session where we will not only cover the core concepts and tips to manage key pain points; we also workshop:
  • Your own projects
  • Previous project experiences
  • Opportunities to improve at your organisation
Personalised Worksheet
At the end of the Presentation/Workshop you will come away with your own worksheet of ideas and must-do action points for immediate implementation on your projects and in your organisation. The worksheet follows the structure of the Top 10 Pain points, and is completed as we work through and discuss each area.
The eBook is useful if you want to refresh you knowledge on a certain area, and to remember COP tips in more detail. The eBook covers the detailed content delivered in the Presentation. It covers the same topics and in the same structure, so the information is easy for you to find:
  • Background to COP
  • Underlying dynamics of IT Projects
  • Top 10 Pain Points

Each of the Top 10 Pain Point has its own chapter which covers for example:
  • What is a Project Plan and why is it important
  • What are the standard areas covered by a Project Plan
  • COP tips, questions and key issues to look for in the Project Plan
Mobile Phone ApplicationThe mobile phone app is particulalry useful if you want a quick reminder on a certain topic. For example if you are about to go into a project Steering Committee to discuss testing, and want a quick reminder of the key issues to look out for. The App has a summary of tips for each of the Top 10 Pain Points. It is available in iPhone and Android versions.
WebsiteOur website is where you can go for Project templates and best practice examples. For example, if you have used the COP tips to ascertain that the Business Case or Contract presented to you is not up to scratch, download an example and show your team the content and quality that you expect. This will really put you on the front foot! The website also has additional content including articles that are of particular interest and relevance to management.