These are the 10 main areas of IT project failure, the areas that can have the biggest negative impacts on projects if not properly controlled. These are the things that really hurt you, and they do it all the time.
Through our structured research of 100 IT projects and extensive consulting experience have identified these critical areas for management to focus on. We drill down into each of the 10 areas and focus on specific things to look out for. We know that you are busy so we laser in on the really important things. For example we know you can’t read every line of a 100 page IT contract, so we tell you just the 4 critical areas to check in the contract. These are areas we have seen often overlooked, and which put clients in a very weak position later on in the project once the “honeymoon” period fades (and it always does!). Your legal team will probably not pick up these weaknesses which are specific to IT projects.