Executive Coaching

OVERVIEW We recognise that a common area of project failure is the interface between the business and the project. Executives are experts in their own particular field, not specialists in project governance. They don’t want to get bogged down in IT and PMO detail and are irritated by the jargon. And yet they are frustrated and annoyed that projects consistently fail to deliver. On the IT/PMO side a frequent gripe is that executives do not fully engage in their projects.
So we developed an Executive Coaching approach that goes beyond the dry and boring stuff that is currently available to Executives. We call it COP (Control Over Projects).
It is designed to be delivered as one-on-one or small group training for senior Executives. The COP material and tools which can be tailored to the requirements of each individual or group of individuals. It is also designed to fit into the existing PMO and Project Framework of the client organisation. The COP products are interesting and engaging, and are specifically tailored to what the Executive needs to know to govern projects to success. These is not dry project governance stuff, it is really useful insights into what really happens in projects; where the common failure points are; what to look out for; and what questions should be asked by Executives at key control points in each project.
  • COP Methodology