Global Explosives Manufacturer

For five years we have partnered with the global leader in explosives manufacturing and distribution, to develop and support a blast requirements application. The application takes into account a number of variables, to determine the optimal product mix to use in any given situation. This highly successful product is now used by customer liaison staff in 34 countries, and is integrated to the core operational systems. We have subsequently designed and built a blast analytics model which assesses blast efficacy, and feeds back into the planning algorithm.

Fishabout Application

We partnered with a top Australian fishing charter operator to develop a global leading fishing application. The application provides sophisticated geo-spacial functionality to the end user whilst serving up location based and user-tailored advertisements, whilst communicating and storing activity in a database for analysis by fishing authorities and merchants. It is Australia’s most downloaded fishing app and at one stage was the second most downloaded sports app in Australia.

Global Port Operator

We provided strategic planning and program governance support for a complete system replacement at a global port operator. The Sydney led four year program was initiated with a strategic review of process and systems, where we defined requirements, program planning and prepared a business case. We then assisted with solution procurement, and provided specialist assurance to the COO and CIO during the implementation of a complex and integrated program of works.

Water Utility

We conducted a root-cause analysis of implementation issues in a $60m IT project. Our analysis took into account not only project management and technology issues, but also operational processes and cultural/change management considerations. To do this we went out in to the field to interview engineers and works personnel, as well as managers, planners and information technology staff. Our recommendations, which were embraced by the client, covered a range of simple but effective measures to bridge the gap between operations and technology, and controls to ensure that the envisaged benefits of the investment will be realised.

Major Australian Insurance Company

We conducted a strategic review of data warehouse operations at Australia’s fourth largest insurer. The scope of the review initially covered data input processes, quality management, and reporting out of the data warehouse, as well as the related organisational structure and resourcing model. Over a 5 year period we have continued to provide ongoing process analysis, governance advice and project quality assurance for the existing systems, and for major system enhancements.