COP (Control Over Projects)
A suite of products for identifying key project issues and coaching executives to achieve project success:
  • Coaching workshop
  • Booklet
  • Mobile phone app
  • Templates and examples
Automated project self-assessment tool
This tool is a list of searching questions covering all aspects of the project. It identifies where there are deficiencies and therefore is a PREDICTOR of project failure.
All questions are adjusted to the size and nature of the project; and weighted so that the critical impact issues are highlighted. It provides a quick, low cost and risk based quality assurance exercise; which can be followed up with a more in depth analysis if required.
Available as an Excel or a .Net application.
Program Management Toolkit
An approach and framework for listing, prioritising and tracking progress on a program of concurrent projects.
Project Deliverables Templates and Examples
Deliverable templates for all standard project deliverables (Business Case, Project Management Plan, Contract, Test Plan, etc.)
Project Review Template
This is our own comprehensive Project Review template, which can be used at any stage of the project. It is based on the audit standard COBIT 4.1 (PO10) but has been considerably supplemented and adjusted to focus on key control issues.
Post Implementation Review Toolkiit
This is our own comprehensive Project Post Implementation Review template. It includes an automated questionnaire for stakeholders, a project interview and audit section, and a standard report back to management on what was done well, what was done poorly, success metrics, and lessons learned.
Benefits Realisation Toolkit
A set of templates and examples for identifying, tracking and realising project benefits.


Our ChangeReady tool is a questionnaire-type analysis across a number of dimensions, which assesses the willingness and capacity of staff to undertake a given change. Responses are entered directly into the database application by respondents or evaluator, and results are displayed in tabular and graphical form. Given that so many projects and change initiatives fail, be they business process or technology, this tool is a useful quick assessment of potential change management issues.
AppGap is a framework for assessing technology applications, using criteria including detailed business functionality fit, interoperability with internal and external systems, development and upgrade path, support, product maturity, architecture, security and auditability, total cost of ownership. AppGap allows for weightings to be applied to individual or groups of criteria, and is a quick means of assessing one or more current or proposed applications.
IT Cost Estimator
This is a spreadsheet type tool, with accompanying notes, to act as a guide for cost estimating of complex IT projects. It helps ensure that all costings are based on a robust work breakdown structure and that due effort and diligence is applied in estimating of costs.
Business Case Tool – Brief Analysis
Our brief business case tool is a spreadsheet application which automatically calculates common ROI measures, such as NPV, IRR and Years Payback. The application has a number of standardised structures for entering various types of cost and revenue cash flows.
Business Case Toolkit – Detailed Analysis
The detailed business case toolkit is used for more complex analysis of major projects or investments. It is comprised of word templates for the detailed documentation and explanation of costs and benefits, linked to a spreadsheet application for the calculation of tangible financial measures. These feed through to a decision making framework which incorporates strategic, risk and non-tangible factors.
Business Case Template – PowerPoint Report
We have a standard Business Case Template in PowerPoint format. This is typically given as a presentation to key stakeholders for discussion and input prior to tabling of the Word Report.
Business Case Template – Word Report
We have a standard Business Case Template in MS Word format. This is typically the formal document for sign off by stakeholders, and it covers the options analysis, financial modelling, recommendation, risks, and implementation plan.
Financial risk assessor
A modelling tool which incorporates financial factors (financial ratios) and non-financial factors to provide an overall risk rating for company. Available as a Spreadsheet or a .Net application.