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AppSure Insurance Software


AppSure is a configurable end-to-end insurance software platform, which includes the following modules: sales, rater, policy administration, accounting, and claims.

It is used by a range of mid-large insurance clients for either their entire life cycle processing, or to provide a specific module as part of an integrated solution set.

As AppSure has a completely modern web-based architecture, it lends itself to online deployment and direct customer interaction if required. It has enterprise grade processing capability and yet allows for rapid deployment of new products to market – in days or weeks, rather than the months or even years for your legacy system.

In line with our strategy of putting our customers ahead of their competitors, we have developed some unique features. For example AppSure is fully integrated to its own call centre software out of the box; and it also integrates in hours to retail point of sale systems, mobile phone NFC “tap” technology, and other emerging insurance customer touch points.

A brief video demonstrating mobile phone NFC technology interfacing with AppSure contact centre module.

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